– Notes on Body and Power –

We live in our bodies, although we forget how powerful they could be if we really take care of them. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded.

Last year, there was a time where things were upside down, and I wasn’t really connected to myself. So, I decided to try a new sport, because i enjoy sports, moving my body, and how sports have its own way of revealing hidden abilities to you! I chose KARATE, but i never had the intention to get a brown or even an orange belt. All I was curious about is to learn more about the body i live in, and to be re-connected. 

I took 12 classes which is nothing in learning Karate, with a very tough strong woman who i learned a lot from. She once said:” here you’re not a female, you’re a human being in a fighting position, so show me how you can defend yourself”.

Since that moment, I learned to never underestimate my body, and the power within that would reveal itself each time I challenge it with a new sport.

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